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Sainik School Ghorakhal, located near Nainital was established on 21 march 1966 on magnificent estate of Nawab of Rampur. The name ‘Ghorakhal’ relates the events in 1857 when a British General in a desperate bid to escape the revolutionaries of Awadh, strayed into this area and his horse while drinking water from nearby pond died, therefore the name Ghora (Horse) Khal (pond). The Ghorakhal estate was presented to General Wheeler in 1870 by the British Rulers. In 1921, then Nawab of Rampur, Maj Gen, His Highness, Alijah, Amirul Umrah, Nawab, Sir Syed Mohammed Hamid Ali, Khan Bahadur, purchased this Estate. After the abolition of the privy purses in post Independent India, the State Government (then Uttar Pradesh) purchased the Estate from the Nawab of Rampur in March 1964 and later Sainik School Ghorakhal was established on 21 March 1966.

About the School

The medium of instructions is English. The school prepares students for All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (Class XII) and for the UPSC Examination for admission to the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla.The School has installed smart classes in all the class rooms which greatly enhances effective teaching – learning process.


Examinations are held as per school calendar and progress reports of terminal and annual examinations are sent to the parents at the end of each examination. Regular class tests are held to monitor progress.


The school aims to inculcate the qualities and skill of leadership, self governance and administration in the cadets by involving them in the day to day administration through the Prefecture system. The appointment of the School Captain and House Captains is a much awaited event and instills healthy rivalry between the teaching staff who are distributed among the houses as resident tutors. Apart from the academic aspects, cadets are subjected to the obligations of community living in the school. They are required to conform to the code of conduct and decent behavior on which good citizenship is founded. Good manners and discipline are integral parts of their training. Cadets get their share of adventure training through frequently organized route marches, treks and hikes.


Cadets stay in Senior , Junior and Holding houses under the charge of selected Housemasters, Hostel Superintendents, Matrons and house appointments viz., House Captain, Vice Captain and Wing Cadet Captains.


A healthy competitive spirit is encouraged among the houses. Trophies and individual prizes are won by the cadets for an ultimate achievement of winning the coveted ‘Cock House Shield.


The school has a fully equipped auditorium with LCD projector and a seating capacity of 600. Selected Hindi/English movies are screened on Saturdays for cadets as well as the staff and their families at different timings. Apart from this, TVs are also available in the Houses/TV Room for the students.


The School has a well furnished dining hall with a modernised kitchen and bakery. The cadets have the option of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Regular dinner nights are conducted to make cadets accustomed with mess etiquettes. Month-end birthday dinner is also conducted to celebrate birthday of cadets born in that particular month.


The school session begins on 01 Apr. Normally 70 days vacation is observed in a calendar year split into summer and winter breaks i.e. in 7 weeks winter and 3 weeks in summer.


The school has a 20-bedded Infirmary with a part time Medical Officer and a full time Nursing Assistant for treating minor ailments of the cadets. Cases of serious illness are referred to nearest Civil / Military Hospitals and Parents are intimated accordingly.


The school has a fully equipped Auditorium -cum-Cinema Hall. Selected Hindi / English movies are screened on Saturdays. Apart from this, a TV room with LCD TV, Cable and DTH connections is available on a daily basis. cadets are sent on outing to Nainital by school bus. Parents day is observed on every second Sunday of the month.


A well stocked CSD canteen is available in the school which caters for daily needs of the cadets. A cafeteria run by the school meets the additional needs.


The school has two well equipped computer laboratories. Computer education is compulsory up to Class X and is available as an elective subject in Class XI and XII.


At the beginning of the session, arrangements are made by the school for the parents to procure books and stationery, from reputed agencies.


The overall expenditure per cadet per year is approximately Rs. 1,00,000/- which includes tuition fee, messing charges, pocket money, clothing and incidental charges e.t.c. The tuition fee and messing charges component is likely to increase by approximately 10 % annually to cater for inflationary costs.


Sainik School Ghorakhal hase done exceedingly well to achieve the aim of the objectives of the institution. So far 630 cadets have joined NDA up to Jan 2017. A large number of the alumni have also joined directly at IMA, OTA, Air Force Academy and Naval Academy, AFMC, Coast Guard and Merchant Navy. Many others have joined the IAS,IPS, IIT, Banking services etc, and most of them are presently holding prestigious positions. The school has the honour of winning the ‘Raksha Mantri’s trophy’ for sending the largest number of cadets to the NDA eight times since 2000.